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  • Writer's pictureDé Bryant, Ph.D.

What can be done?

What progress will be made is the question with which we, the electorate, are currently grappling. Debates going on around the nation, when viewed from 10,000 feet, constitute a watershed moment.

It is ironic that we are simultaneously in the age when information is more available than ever before in human history AND in an age of pervasive unwillingness to examine issues from multiple perspectives. Our vigilance will be essential if we are to read past the vitriol, red herrings, and outright falsehoods. 

Democracy will be maintained by an informed electorate whose members can engage in principled debates. This will help us distill and identify not only the essence of the phrase "we, the people" but also that of each amendment that followed.  This is the time for each of us to decide not who we believe, but rather what we believe. For each of us to deeply explore whether our actions are consistent with our ideals. And, most importantly, if our self-interrogation reveals that we do not practice the ideals of democratic rule, for each of us to join the struggle to hold the line.



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