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  • Writer's pictureDé Bryant, Ph.D.

Part III: We are bound to one another in the struggle.                

"How do we live and not die if we waste time gazing clouds?"  First, we must take care of ourselves. No one knows our personal needs better than we do, and "self-care" is about our individuality. Equally important is to acknowledge that we are bound to others in the struggle. Witness, how quickly events captured on Facebook Live! or TikTok go viral and a folding chair becomes a symbol of resistance as well as solidarity. That connectedness is an essential dimension of healing.  

When you've found your moment of peace, reach out to collaborators, friends, loved ones, families of victims. Lean into those crisis spaces where systemic trauma dwells and grab hold of someone’s hand.  Send a text, post a status, make a phone call. Celebrate the lives of those stolen with their families left behind. Tell their stories, say the names in the national news and also the names known only to the people who loved them.  Find solace together in spiritual or religious practices in the faith tradition precious to you. 

Recognize that there is no disrespect in sharing a moment of joy together. That carrying on is not the same as forgetting. And then host a virtual dance party; log into the shared space, holla for your artist of choice; create, play, rejuvenate.  

To rest is not a break in your forward momentum. It's just plain good health.


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