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  • Writer's pictureDé Bryant, Ph.D.

Part II: Issues Tourism

From the "Personal Trauma, Public Issues" Series

When tragedy strikes, our collective response is to provide succor. That's what people of conscience do, isn't it?

Hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people attend vigils, post social media condolences, create manifestos on TikTok; select love, care, like icons on Face Book. Politicians join the masses to create special displays and make speeches. Public facing spaces from civil to religious perform inclusivity.

A eye peeping through a whole.
Peeping eye

Nonetheless, I am concerned about "issue tourism." People of conscience drawn to catastrophic events like passersby are drawn to massive interstate pileups. The gory details consume the mind, throttle the heart, and create affinity with the sufferers.

Yet, as the wreckage is cleared, the outpouring of compassion and human connection flows away.


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