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A Supportive Hug

Your support makes a difference... 

We are grateful for the support that we continue to receive in our work to help individuals recover from trauma. Your contribution—big or small-- has allowed us to make a positive impact in our community and we are thankful for it. Our mission is to help our members in our community heal and gain the strength to move on. SOCACT’s “Public Intellectuals” series, provides engaging, thoughtful conversations that help bring solace and understanding to trauma—these conversations serve as a valuable source of healing to our community. Engaging, thoughtful conversations can bring solace to members of our community.

All people deserve the chance to heal from trauma, and with enough resources, we can work to make that happen. Donations are what keep our organization afloat and your contribution is truly meaningful. We are confident that with your support, we can continue to do even more for our community. 

We are deeply appreciative of your valued support in our cause!

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